Jorg Gray and President Obama

jorg gray

President Obama received his original JG6500 in 2007 as a birthday gift from his secret service detail and has been wearing it ever since. Shortly thereafter Jorg Gray created a commemorative edition of the timepiece for the public. Each watch comes with an individualized serial number and the following inscription, laser engraved on the case back:

The 44th President
Of the United States
Barack H. Obama
January 20th 2009
Commemorative Edition

Demand for this striking and sophisticated watch grew as Obama was photographed with the timepiece at numerous notable events, including his presidential election speech and historic inauguration, spurring Jorg Gray to create a Commemorative Edition 6500. Since then, the Jorg Gray Collection has expanded to include an in-depth complete men’s and women’s line as President Obama continues to sport the original JG6500.

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